Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Colors, Round 2

I went to Chicago and Wisconsin last week to visit family and friends, and to experience fall one more time. My grandparents have 160 acres in (very) northern Wisconsin - there are 5 cabins, a spring-fed freezing cold lake, and trees galore. I.e., they own a little piece of Heaven. I always like to go for runs while I'm there, and this trip was no exception. As I started one of my runs I thought to myself, "Gee, this is pretty awesome, I don't have to worry about bears or moose." There are black bears there, but in my 30 years of visiting, I've never seen one. Within 15 minutes I'd flushed 7 grouse, 2 deer, and almost splattered my foot in bear scat. Ummm....

I spent a fair bit of time snapping some photos. Here are a few to tickle your fancy.

Mom and Nonie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cool Running

October 5, 2008, and this is what my trail run looked like:
(Don't worry, this is not actually what I look like running - this was just for the pic.)

Unbelievable! Mike, Wrigley and I jogged around in 4-5 inches of sweet pow pow up on Anchorage's hillside. It was nothing short of awesome. I cannot wait until I can replace my running shoes with skis, and my jogging strides with tele turns. Bring it!
Here's a shot of the fall leaves covered in a dusting of snow. It was cool to see fall and winter happen all at once.