Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I have ignored this site for far too long! I've ditched the computer in favor of playing in what has been the best summer in recent memory up here. It's been sunny and in the 70s everywhere I go! Here's a little sampling of some of what I was up to through June. Stay tuned for kayak trip updates (Icy Bay/Dangerous Passage) and adventures with Julia, Krista and Duncan...

First up, Jenn and I headed out to Cordova on Memorial Day weekend. We took the ferry from Whittier and the crossing over to the east side of Prince William Sound (where Cordova is) was like crossing a lake - it was so calm and sunny! We did this trip in 2007 and were rained on for the entirety of 3 days. But this year was spectacular!

Marsh area right outside the "city" where thousands and thousands of birds rest during their spring migration. It was pretty quiet by the time we arrived.

The Cordova boat harbor. In one hand I had my camera, in the other, a nice cold beer. I knew then that this summer was going to be really, really good!

From one of our hikes. Not too shabby.

We hiked up to a huge alpine lake that had a tidewater glacier at the far end. That was an unexpected, awesome surprise! And then Wrigley said he wanted to imitate a polar bear.

Then Scott and I went to Halibut Cove to visit Matt, Brooke, and Liam. Halibut Cove is across Kachemak Bay from Homer and is a unique spot with an artistic community. We paddled around a bit, hiked around a bit, and relaxed a lot. Matt and Brooke have quite the setup out there. I highly recommend inviting yourself out for a visit.

This guy was a total ham. I kayaked right up to him and all he did was ask, "Did you get that one?" with his Blue Steel face.

Part of Brooke and Matt's complex. This is a former art gallery turned sleeping quarters. I love the marine-themed mishmash decor.
Scott and I have been spending a lot of time down in Cooper Landing this summer. One of the many things to do down there includes cutting down trees on the property (much to his grandmother's dismay) and torching them.
Scott's grandma can hardly see, but she can stand up at the house looking towards the lake and survey the trees on her property. She can detect where there is new light, signaling that a tree has recently been cut down. I've never seen a 101 year old so angry! Then again, I'm not sure I've ever seen another 101 year old.