Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fish on...finally!!

Two nights ago I drove down to the Kenai Peninsula with some friends to go fishing for sockeye salmon (aka "reds"). I've been fishing a countless number of times this summer and have so far hooked into a 70 lb King salmon (it's teeth sawed through my line - ewwww - and it got away with my lure), a silver (my knot failed and it got away with my lure, you see a theme here), several pounds of various river vegetation, and a rock. In other words, I had yet to land a fish! So I wasn't exactly confident in my ability to catch anything...other than a plant or rock. But my luck changed! I managed to "limit out," which means I caught as many fish as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game allows!! I landed three reds, which are somewhere on this stringer (must be the biggest three you can see - actually, the one on the far right end is the last one I caught). I even bonked them on the head, slit their gills to bleed them, and filleted them! I'll let you know how they taste... By the way, no making fun of my waders.