Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From the Mountains to the Ocean

Summer has arrived in Alaska, so I've traded in my skis for my bike and kayak. My first bike ride of the year was a 4 hour ride on the dirt road in Denali. Should've done a little "breaking in" first, but there is no time to waste when the sun is shining, there is no one in the busiest park in AK, and you can ride here:
For the two of you who have been reading this thing since 2007, you may recall my bike trip to Denali. Let me help refresh your memory.

Yes, that would be the ultimate in bike couture. Only the most fashionable diva can pull off a thick wool hat under the bike helmet look. But let's focus on the snow/sleet/hail. That was then. Welcome to Denali Bike Trip 2009!

You'll notice I've traded in the fashionable wool/helmet combo for the ever-popular green Cubs hat. And I've ditched the snow and ice on my face in exchange for a little mud (that is not a big hairy mole). And most importantly, it's SUNNY!! And hot! This summer is shaping up to be one for the record books.
Then, after Denali, I headed south to Seward and Bear Glacier for a hybrid kayak/surf trip. I don't surf...yet...but Scott does. I watched him from the beach. At first you think, "Wow, that guy is totally nuts!" But then you get a little jealous because he's out there swimming around with seals and occasionally riding a wave while I'm checking the beach for that bear that just ambled by.
Rounding Caines Head in Resurrection Bay:
Bear Glacier - the lagoon was pretty locked in:
We scared this guy!

View from one of our camp spots:Waiting for the next big one:
Happy campers/kayakers/surfer!

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Krista Graham said...

That looks WAY too cold to be surfing! You and Scott need to come surf with us in Hawaii. Looking forward to seeing you one month from tomorrow!