Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meese Encounter

Had a close encounter with Meese No. 78 last night. Wrigley and I went for a run on some of the trails near my house. At one point there's a long stretch of downhill (my favorite!) and an abrupt turn to the right, and where do you think that meese was hanging out? Yes, right around the corner, not even visible until you get there. Wrigs was running ahead of me (he's such a show-off), and he started to do his freak out bark. As soon as he did that I saw the spindly meese legs through the trees. Wrigs was only about 20 feet from the meese, who was starting to walk towards Wrigs with his big rack low to the ground. Luckily, Wrigs listened when I called him back in my "I'm really serious, Wrigley, get your little dog butt over here" voice. So, we avoided skewered Wrigley and had a lovely run back to the house. Hopefully the next sightings won't be quite so exciting.

It's fall, so the male meese are growing their racks in. It's really impressive to see those things up close. It's a wonder they can even lift their heads. I wish I'd had my camera - the leaves have put on their fall outfits, and the run last night was just stunning.

Next up...Loren's wedding!! Scott and I are headed to Illinois tomorrow to begin the festivities. Probably won't see any meese....


Krista Graham said...

Honestly, Linz, your commentary cracks me up! I think you should become a travel writer. You are the perfect person to author a book such as "Not So Funny When it Happened". You should read that sometime...HILARIOUS.

I Heard They Suck Live said...

Great blog. I live about 100 yards fromt he Eagle River Nature center and I have to deal with moose daily as well.