Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meese Attack & St. Louis

Scott (I'd like to say "and I" but that's sorta a stretch) finished up the fence he's been installing at my house. The one thing left to do is build the gate. So just as he finished up, I mentioned to my neighbor that it was amazing I hadn't gotten any moose in my garden this year despite the yard not being totally fenced in. And guess who came to visit that same night? Yep, a meese! He/she stepped on my onions and lettuce, but then went ahead and ate a BUNCH of peas, snowpeas, and lettuce. At least I'd already eaten my strawberries! And I took a big harvest out the day before the attack, so all in all, I 'spose I don't mind helping feed the locals. Just once I'd like to catch one in the act though - that would make some for some great photos!

Loren and Mike are closing on their house tomorrow. Watch out St. Louis!


sue said...

oh no! you should definitely consider the rooftop garden! better luck next year!

Kate Rowan said...

Hey, Lindsay, hope you are well. Good thoughts coming your way, lovely!