Thursday, January 27, 2011


Let me tell you a little story about connections...

My friend Amy and I met through a mutual friend, Bree. Bree grew up in Portland, which is where she met Amy, and now lives in Chicago, which is where she met me (before I moved to AK, obviously). I almost never met Bree, but through an awesome turn of events, we met and became friends. Then I was invited to her bachelorette party several years later (which is now several years ago), where I met Amy. Amy and I hit it off, partially because I had just moved to Alaska when I met her, and she was bound and determined to teach in Alaska...just as soon as she finished the Masters program she had just started. So, a couple of years after Bree's wedding, Amy landed a gig teaching in Homer, Alaska, about 4 hours drive from Anchroage! I get to see her more than I ever got to see Bree in Chicago! Small world.

But the connections continue... Seldovia is a small town across Kachemak Bay from Homer, and had been on my hit list for a while. So when Amy invited me to a music festival in Seldovia my response was something like, "Hell yes!" I highly recommend the music festival, which highlights artists from all over the country, not just those from good 'ol AK. But I'm not here to tell you about the music; I want to focus on how the connection chain kept going. That weekend I met a slew of people who are friends with Amy. Among those people were two guys, Ross and Cody, and Moses, a big brown dog. Ross and Cody are brothers, and Moses is the dog of yet another brother living in Homer. But the third brother was working in Valdez for the summer, so while I heard stories about him, I had no idea who this third brother was. I was just there for the music, after all!

Well, many months later, well after Scott and I broke up, Amy invited me down to Homer for a Halloween party weekend. Again, my response: "Hell yes!" I can't pass up a chance to hang with Amy, and if it involves costumes, even better! I knew it was going to be a good weekend when it was requested that I bring wigs to Homer, and when I walked in the door and Amy said, "You have to meet Jedd," and then Brandon handed me a "Juicy Lucy." I had never before worn a wig, met Jedd, or ever heard of a "juicy lucy" (which, is two burger patties smashed together around a gob of cheese and tossed onto the other words, edible heaven). So, while taking my first bite of the "juicy lucy" I met Jedd. This was the third Homer brother, and Moses's dog the flesh! I'd heard a lot about him, but I wasn't expecting him to be so fricking cute! I did the best I could to say hi and shake his hand, which was kinda hard considering I had cheese practically dripping out of my mouth, and my hand was covered in burger juice. Ah, first impressions. That night everyone gathered at Amy and Brandon's place for a fire pit party. It snowed on us, we smashed pumpkins, and passed a bottle of whiskey around the flames. Ingredients for pure fun, I tell you.

The next night everyone got dressed up for a costume party at one of the bars in Homer. I went as a flapper. Here's proof:Wigs rule

Jedd was "The Dude." I had an epic fail and didn't get a picture of him in his robe and slippers with a white russian. And I'm happy to report that it was in fact a costume, not the way he dresses all the time. Anyway, we hit it off that weekend, and the rest, as they say, is history. Here's a pic of Jedd (center), Brandon (left) and their friend Mark (right). This is the most "Dude"-like picture I have of him yet.
Stay classy, Homer.
So, to summarize: I meet Bree (2003) --> Bree introduces me to Amy (2006) --> Amy finishes up grad school and moves up to Alaska to teach (2009) --> Amy introduces me to Jedd (2010). A 7 year connection chain that almost never happened. Whew!!

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