Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Legislative Woes

I've been busy working. Really busy. The legislative session was supposed to end on Sunday, but nope, now they're in special session. As a result, I haven't had much in the way of adventures lately. Unless you count going to the greenhouse on a Sunday hoping to do some gardening and instead having to drop everything to run back into the office to do another memo as an adventure...and I don't. Though I did bill a 15 hour day. While still not an adventure, it did set a new record. If I was still working in the private sector I would've celebrated the fact that I'd just earned myself a vacation day. But I don't get compensated for the extra 7 hours in the public sector. So I wasn't exactly celebrating. That said, if the coastal management bill passes, I WILL celebrate. It would be no small miracle, and wow, so much work has gone into it. I digress.

Down in Homer people are still having adventures without yours truly. I really miss Jedd - he's been back in Homer for the last several weekends (with one quick surprise trip to Anchorage early last week - yee haw!), but is going to be back up in my neck of the woods tonight. Yippee! But in his absence, our friend Mark likes taking pics and sending them to me. Isn't Jedd (Mr. Plaid) handsome?? Yes, yes he is. (That's Hanna and Brandon in the front - they're building a cabin this summer together - how fun is that?!) You can click the pic to enlarge.

You'll note that my baby is drinking quality Alaskan beer. Not that I have anything against Ranier. Just sayin'.

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