Thursday, July 28, 2011

And then there were 3

We started with 7. Krista couldn't make the trip to Kauai from Oahu thanks to a particularly pesky fever. So then there were 6.

6 of us kayaked the Na Pali Coast, and boy howdy, it was purdy!! This is from our lunch break. Note that we appear to be wearing Alaskan garb...that's only for sun protection. It was hot hot hot. To cool off we'd jump off our boats and into the water...amongst sea turtles!

Here begins the hike to Kalalau. Notice we're down to 5. Dan wasn't feeling well and decided to be our chauffeur instead of hiking.
Views did not suck.

Uh, until we got to this point. I'd been dreading it the whole hike. Mile 7. I fear heights, and the Earth sliding out from under my feet while at elevation. Just before this point we lost Karen and Kristin. Karen wasn't feeling well (what was up with our group?!) and Kristin bugged out after seeing Mile 7. And then there were 3.

Jedd, Duncan, and I made it to Kalalau!! We camped amongst the "forest people" (and cock roaches, ewwww), ate wild cherry tomatoes, bathed in a waterfall, relaxed in a peaceful forest with our was SO wonderful.

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