Thursday, January 26, 2012

Homer is where your heart is

Change is on the horizon. 2012 is looking to be quite a big year for me. For many months I've been toying with the idea of moving to be closer to Jedd. Believe it or not, a 4 hour commute to see your boyfriend gets old pretty quickly. I know, weird. So, after doing that for a year+, I've decided to take the plunge...I'M MOVING TO HOMER!! I'll be moving into this sweet Alaskan log cabin (i.e., Jedd's place), and am really excited about it. I have big plans for a garden, after work kayaking, and getting involved in the community. The move does require a bit of reshuffling of my life - I'm renting out my place in Anchorage, quitting my job, and starting to cobble together some way to make a living in Homer. Sure, it's a leap of faith, but isn't that what makes life worth living? And how awesome is it that I get to live here!!?? The Alaskan dream.

By the way, the satellite is useless. Ever since moving to AK I haven't had a television, and Jedd and I intend to keep it that way. The dish is from the previous owner and it's a b*tch to move. Maybe I'll turn it into a bird bath.


Kate Rowan said...

Woohoo! How fun! Good luck on your awesome changes!

Karen said...

Looks beautiful! I'm curious though, what does Homer look like in the winter? Does it get more rain or snow?

Lindsay said...

Ha, good point Karen! I'll post a picture of winter at the cabin next... :) It looks a LOT different!