Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alaska State Fair

Ron, Val, Brent and I went to the Alaska State Fair while it was still "summer"... just got some pics. In addition to a 1,019 lb pumpkin, there was this prize winning 4.7 lb carrot and 73.4 lb cabbage...that's farmer Brent there with the cabbage. Looks like he's gearing up for next year's competition. :)

And what's a state fair without a little ferris wheel action? Here Ron and I are enjoying a few spins of the wheel after we stopped by the demolition derby, "rat race" betting table, a crazy hippie selling things you can apparently buy at any hardware store for 1/3 of the cost, and Hobo Jim's performance at the Sluice Box (no yodeling, bummer). I wish I'd taken some photos of the backdrop to the fair. Palmer, the host city, is surrounded by jagged mountains. Needless to say, the setting was MUCH more impressive than the Illinois State Fair in Springfield (sorry Mom and Dad).

By the way, the moose count is up to 78 - I've seen 7 "meese" in the last week in my neighborhood! Bet they're looking for that cabbage...