Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Can you find the cabin?

I had a good comment on my last post about how great Homer looks in the summer...but how does it look in the winter?? Well, Homer has been slammed with snow this winter - I believe they're up to 4 blizzards in the last 2 weeks! There is an impressive amount of snow in Jedd's yard, wouldn't you say?

The "view" from the inside looking out:

So yeah, looks a little different in the winter! :) Good thing I like snow!


Karen said...

SO. FREAKIN'. AWESOME!! Hubby and I are heading to Anchorage next week for the Lil' Su 50K. We're planning on taking a couple days afterward to explore. We were thinking of a B&B in Seward. Any suggestions?

Lindsay said...

I do have some suggestions. Send me an email at lwolter78@gmail.com and I'll email them to you. You'll LOVE Seward. In fact, I'll be kayaking there the weekend of the 18th. :)

bmonty said...

hey I'm in Panama right now. Amazing how much snow is back home. Can't wait to go skiing when I return.

Cool to read your blog to check up on things back home. Thanks for posting comments on mine.